Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Fruit and Vegetable Painting Quilt

I worked on this all morning and afternoon. When I finally started the detailing in black, I got very sleepy so went to take a nap and haven't worked on it since..but will every day till the detailing is done. You can see a few on the upper right side..just a black detailing to bring up the fruit to is most. only the outside. I have quite a bit to get this one right. I plan on using chalk, paintstick, and what ever is need to make it something special on my dinning room wall. It looks great there right now. It measures 26x30. I started out with measuring where I wanted everything, so I drew very faint lines with a ruler and then mask it off when putting the paint on the fabric with the it would not get so out of line. I knew I wanted the a purplish larger cabbage at the made sure I had room for those. I use fibers and of course beads to bring out the insides of the fruit..I really can not wait till the detailing is done..

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