Friday, February 6, 2009

Leggings and chat

Here are my leggings..kinda on the large sized...use the hoop for the children's size and I think it is to large and I remember comments made where I got the pattern that they also mentioned it and baby's loom is too small so I have two patterns to knit with needles if I decide to make any more..I tried these on my arms and they kept them warm I tried to get dh to try them on and model them for me and he would not..
I have been to the therapist and she was surprised that I was not given any exercises to do after surgery..but like my Dr said I really tore my cartilage so..I am doing just fine I did some that I remember from 3 and half years ago...she said I did just fine..when I got home I was in more pain..all around my incision area..she told me it would be like that because it has no were to go...I graduated from the walker without wheels to my Cadillac walker with wheels..she does not want to see me on my old walker..I have to wear shoes which I do not like to wear..did yesterday, I did feel the difference but also felt the weight of the shoes when I walked..did not put them on Have a nice weekend..hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

Hi sis, I love those leggings and I am so glad you are doing better and know it will take care and i also love making hats and scaft...and love knitting...just love Mary

LorraineS said...

Sorry sis I do not get online that much anymore, about once a week when dh tells me my email is piling up on me...I am not going to make any more leggins, just not my but thank you anyway..I am just concentrating on doing other knitting projects so it stays a challenge to me..when I am better more quiits will show and more classes too, love and hugs,Lorraine

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