Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone

Well, we did not even get to see the ball come down, first time in over the 34 years we have been married..we got involved in something and did not even see the new year..lol
My youngest son called and ask if I was having dinner today, which I usually do, told him no..that we have plans to go to the matinee movie and eat out.. He said he friends that wanted him to come for dinner and told him to go and have a good time.
I took two naps yesterday as I was trying to finish some loose ends before the new year and accomplished very well. So I was up till late and decided I wanted to some baking. This time it was because I wanted to and not being pressured because I had to make some for Christmas..I still have bake the cookies but did managed to make a lemon pie, peach coffee cake and mochika, a Filipino custard dessert..but not time to do the cookies but the dough is in fridge and I just have to baked them..It felt good to things when you want to and not because you have to.
I do not do resolutions for New Year and I think I might have to start, maybe I will get more done in a year.
My first and foremost resolutions will be get those UFOs done this year. I have over a dozen of them and maybe I will have room, I did get the purse done and that was on my list..lol
My second one will be to make all the designing patterns that I have rolled up and make them also, have about 8 of them but a few are really large.
My third, well this is a challenge for me, is try and do some traditional quilts too, as I do not like them, they are boring sitting there sewing a piece after another piece..but I do love the results every one gets from them..lol
my fourth and last one is try and keep a cleaner, dust bunnies, home this year..Put things away as I used them even it is and can be distracting from what you are doing and then I won't have a mess when I get done with a project..now this is going to hard..lol Well, Again, Happy New Year and hope it is a properest one.

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