Monday, December 31, 2007

Dragons are done for now

I finished the dragon for the left side of this quilt. I have not sewn him in. I had to remove stitches from the other one so I can add some flame to its mouth. But before doing this, I am going to play with some chalking in the back so I can a touch of color underneath the dragons so they show up more and than can proceed to finished the top piece of this quilt. the bottom is finished but inside the viewpoint area I am going to add some very tiny bushes and some ribbon embroidery and beading. Than I can machine quilt this baby and give it to my son.. I had fun doing the solvy technique again. its been awhile..but was so worried that my machine would act up, but using the small zig zag, it worked fine. We will see when I put on a larger zig zag..dh says it should work fine but the squeaky noise will be there. I forgot to add that I still have the branches over the arch to do with solvy and have it designed already so that I am looking forward too, I will use snippets with this one.
I said I was not going to take any classes but I have to take Nyla Morrison's new class called Fancy That at it looks wonderful. Just hope I can do something like this, it out of my norm. lol but love it. I am taking another class but was already committed to it since Nov. so I will be doing one in Jan and one in Feb. I guess one a month isn't going to be that Nyla class will be my 121 class with QU. lol I keep on taking them.. They have two new teachers so I more than likely be taking them too, I always take new classes with new teachers if it is not traditional stuff..I think Nyla is not sure. We will working with fun.
Yes, I am up but went to bed at 930 after watching my DVD of Jack Sparrow's new movie, it was so good and funny again..I do hope he does another one, it seems like they left it where they can be one..not like Harry Potter..he is done

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