Friday, December 14, 2007

Glitter Christmas fpc sent out this year.

These are a couple of cards I did for family and friends. The lower cards is for my Uncle Donny..his is the only special card I made like this..I did two more but with less graphics. These cards are all glittered this year..It took me longer to glitter them than it would have if I added this and that to them..but I love the shine at this time of the glitter it is.
This is the card for the great nieces, nephews..I always sign it from Santa..I stamped on the back a Santa and sleigh and some holly leaves..very
I have some bears, kittens, puppies cards this year and sent these to most of my family members..You can not see the glitter but it is there..some collages..some just a touch of glitter for class in the upper right hand. I love this a little bit for me. lol
Here are the puppies, folk are and Victorian fabrics that are all glittered up.
Just a closer look at the bears, puppies and kittens..oh even the kitten eyes glitter but oh so I made 51 cards in 2 and half days..They went out yesterday morning. I made another 20 a couple weeks ago for a group that just exchanged regular cards but I went ahead and made fpc.. Hope all enjoy them.

If you go here you see myself, twin, Mary and little sister, Patti, as elves..this sure has been going around and decided to one of us 3...Merry At the end is my twin,

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