Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lets start off with my gifts from Santa

This is coaster that you can put photos into and than use as coasters..This from Gwen and Stan. I love it..I am going to have to find photos to put in them..small ones so I will make my own with one of my software programs..I love it and thank you so much.
My dil, Pauline, had picked my name and she bought me this Julio Iglesias Romantic Classics. It is a very soothing listen to music. Not his style that I like but I love anything Julio does. I remember him coming to Hawaii when he did his very first year in 1980 and my girlfriend, Chermain, and I wanted to go to his concert, of course it was on the island of Oahu, by the time we decided to where sold out..the next time the same thing happen but Chermain's mother got to see him in person. Well, I got to see him 2 times here at the casino for his show and his a great entertainer..I just love the way he puts his hand over his heart and says his music comes from his heart. I listen to 5 of his CD every day and every night for the last 7 year..we already went through a 5 disk changer last year it lasted 5 years. lol that is how much I play him, lol
My son Terrance surprised me with this gift for my dh and me..I was so surprised as it was to be only one gift, we have never done one gift before. so I only bought one gift for him as I picked his and of course for my mom..We have loaded it up and downloaded anything and can not wait. I love photos, as that is our history telling for later on in our lives and those that follow us..I am into photos big time.
My mom gave me this but not for Christmas but since I received it from her on Christmas day I will put it up in my blog, it is a beautiful basket and of course it will find its way to my more pretty fabric will be displayed in this one.

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