Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Baby cross stitch done..

I have finally finished all the 6 kits I had with Snow Babies..I have added glitter to the bodies almost like the ones I make in ceramics.. I almost ruined more than one..I had left my glue gun on for almost a week. Forgot all about it and been gone for hours at a time..Someone up in heaven is for sure watching over me..I think it is my dad, Fr. Rick, Donna and of course God can one go wrong, lol
I also in between taking breaks, I have trying to get the house ready for the Christmas Tree. Cleaning, bad but I am up to How are you all doing in getting ready for Christmas? Hope in wonderful spirits..When I was done for a day, someone emailed me and when she told what was going on in her life, I felt so horrible that I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself..there is always someone worse than you are...I wish you all the best of spirits as the holiday arrives.

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