Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What my dog suzie does to me every day

For the last few days, my dog, Suzie, is going underneath the tree and messing it up..It is I who has get on her hands and knees and flat to fix this..well, today I left it for my dh..it would be the 5th time..enough is enough..she got a spanking on her butt this morning...First I tried putting presents in the front, it worked for a day for the front part..now I have to go put something in the back so I do not wake up to this tomorrow morning..oh people, she knows what she is doing..believe me she is no dumb dog.. Hopefully she will be good tomorrow so she won't get a spanking..the old newspaper, she hates it..only twice this year I had to use it on her, she is going to be 14 next year, is this why, she is getting old and wants her way..lol no way JOSE!! lol

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