Sunday, December 23, 2007

Coffe Cuffs and chat

I made 10 of these easy and fun coffee cuffs for family, women, lol, tomorrow, to go along with the magnet book markers. Just something small and had so much fun..I still have 3 to go. I will be giving away these 7. The silver one is for our hostess, my ex sister in law who I am still very close to, Gwen (Lausterer) Carpenter..she hostess along with her hubby, Stan, a Christmas Eve day brunch every year and it is a lot of work. we (Lausterer clan) have always been invited and we always have so much fun. Her children are Leah, Chris, and Jason..we haven't had Jason on my blog yet, but we will after tomorrow..I will also get to see their cousins, which we all love like our own..We always look forward to seeing Gwen's parents, Mr and Mrs, Peeler and Betsy who comes from OK and has is always crying time when we first get there and than eating and than the gathering of I still have a couple of things to make tomorrow morning, I will bring 2 will bring 2 it helps out some I hope.

This is a close up. some I just added metallic, holographic thread play and some I put some fibers on easy and fast to make. I did most of them from what D'Arcy-Jean Milne from the QA mag, winter issue did. but than I did my own thing with the backs..I do not like any sewing showing whether in the inside or using cotton batting it does stay in place after straight and zig zag stitching the outside. some are the size of her pattern and some a little larger.. I now have a new refrigerator, yes it went out, the 3rd thing in 5 now I have a new stereo and fridge..but now I have a bit of mess in my kitchen to clean up and will wait till I can get around it..if I was having Christmas dinner here, I probably would not have been able to "play" in the last couple of But it will be held at my youngest son, Terrance's home like Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas to you all, love and hugs, Lorraine

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