Saturday, December 29, 2007

My naked machine

Here is my poor baby, naked. lol My dh took it completely apart to see what was causing my problem..well, he really did not find it..but says that the darning foot or the foot that has a hole in the causing the problem..My machine does know what it is like to sewn regular..It has been on feed dogs down and open sewing since I bought this with my dad's inheritance in June of 2003..a very long time, it has gone through a lot of classes and a lot of sewing weird items besides over 2300 post cards with card stock and anything and everything I have done on them..but it is still under warranty for I will take it in to the sewing machine doctor, lol and see what they can do. in the mean time I will have to learn on my Janome, used once or my Futura used about 3 times..had the Janome for about 2 and half years and the Futura about a year and
Here is a side view were I think the problem is. as you can see I use a safety pin as the plastics what you might call it for thread to guide it to the front of the machine..The threader broke the very first week I had maybe they can fix it too, if not it will become an

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