Saturday, December 15, 2007

Awning falls towards kitchen double doors

Here are three of the 15 photos dh took outside area of the deck. He had been working on it since 9am and it is now 1015 and only made a tiny dent..He started on the side farthest from the sliding glass door and is chain sawing so where the end piece is it will lay against it..and of course he has to clean up the deck where the debris falls too..I am not helping, I am still working on my tree but almost done..this is the latest I have put up my tree in over 10 one wants to help anymore and it is hard when everything is in the I am making due with what I have and it looks OK..Making brunch for the sons of mine that is suppose to be helping their dad..but no show so far..wonder what is

These are photos of the awning over my deck from my dinning room. I was sitting having a cup of tea and it was dark, than I heard a big bang and I must jumped 10 feet up and than another and jump up again..I did not know at first what it was than realize it had to be our awning. My dh had cleaned the top the beginning of fall and this is what has accumulated since..but we also had a leak onto the deck pretty bad and he found a bad spot and he was going to take care of this weekend, well, he doesn't have to did it for him.. with the hole under the awning that he found, it was quite large and for about two months, we have been hearing noises up in the attic and when he went up there, there were two not one but two raccoons making a home up there..we have tried to catch them with a cage so we can return them to the Shelby Forrest down the road from us..but they have out smarted him..we caught one twice, the first time we did not how he got out till the second time when dh put a plastic tie and found blood and the raccoon loose..the other other chewed it he must have let the raccoon out the first time..those cute cunning things..right now I need stuff out of the attic to finish decorating but with the awning down and the raccoons no where to get out, we are afraid they come into the house..we would call for help but found out it cost $150 for them just to come here and check it out and more money for their help..I just hope and pray there aren't any little ones up have to admit they are soooooooooo cute..but what rascals they can be..I know we have dealt with them since we have lives here..
Dh was going to take the awning down and re used it, but afraid it is really damaged also took on light with it and against the glass doors the electrical pole in slanted so you can not get no awning now..but this next time we will frame it in with real wood and screen my is a nice size deck 14 by 14,,so lots of room..can not wait for I can sit out there without I will take photos tomorrow morning of the side view, It has been raining so hard and weight of all that debris and water it just happened..and the back yard is all slippery when sons will come in the morning and help way out of my home but the front door and I do not feel safe photos will be of prettier

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