Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Brunch Gathering at the Carpenters

Here it Gwen and Stan Carpenter, our hostesses with the It is a bit blurry but you can still make them out. my dh thinks you have to stand a thousand feet away to take a photo! I was very disappointed with this photo as I do not see Gwen and Stan as much as I use to..I will get a better photo later one..Thank you so much for having us!! This is my two nephews, Chris, are you going Western Chris, I need to get you a cowboy go with that shirt and those and Jason, told you I will have him in my Jason and his girlfriend are getting married on June 20 of 2008..can wait to go and see our little ones get married..
A gathering with Leah, back to us, Gwen, mom and John David.
Another gathering but to watch lil Gwendolyn play with her gift from Aunt I bought her one of those musical, with a water scene with fish, and monkey on a branch, that lights up when the buttons are push while she is up and than it plays music so she can sleep. She just love it and played with it.
Me, with Tracey and lil Gwendolyn playing with her new toy..she just loved that cute bow on her head. lol

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