Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Display for FPC and chat

I finally decided where to the few of the fpc swaps for Christmas that I was in this year..on my book case with all my cookbooks..(dh made this many years ago when he wasn't an old man that he is now, he is only 58) I usually have some greenery around it and also on the utility door that I put my traditional cards I all really looks very plain to me but I just went with what I had to use..hardly nothing..Maybe you will see your cards here..
A construction company came out the other day, Reed Brothers Construction Co. Well I just laugh when I saw the name..My Eye and Dentist both of them their last name is Reed..All from Millington, Tn..where the base is located..Any way first thing I ask is where they related and the older Reed said all depends on which one..well, I did not pursue it anymore..I printed out some of the photos we had taken of the damages of the back of the house. They haven't got back with us, but dh found out that State Farm does not pay to have awnings put up but will give your claim for it..But the construction part is covered, we have a $500 we will pay that. When the Reed co. calls I will ask them if the put up awnings and pay that out of our pocket. I signed the papers for them to fixed the house, after all their name in my book is Found out that the older Reed is the cousin to the dentist and my eye Dr is his the Reeds is a name in Millington..must have had a very large family, mostly
I knitted yesterday morning a turtle neck to go around my neck. just that, I hate scarves that are so long that it keeps falling in front of you or you end with bugles in the back or front. I been wearing it since.My neck is the coldest part of my I did it in with Christmas colors..and will make one for every day next week. feels so good and warm..and I can wear it with anything.
I also made some magnet book markers to throw in some stockings..Today and tomorrow I will make the coffee mug holders too..a thing I never did around to making but see how it is done..
Haven't got one Christmas gift yet except for my two nieces up we are going shopping tonight.
We will also shop for another disk player, as mine is on a blink and I hate the face that I have to change Cd all the time the 5 CD holder one..we have had this unit for over 10 our money's worth. I just hope I can find one..Best Buy is out and back order, so we will go to Circuit City..they seem to have some there..I hope and keeping fingers cross. Have a good day.

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