Monday, December 17, 2007

All Decorated now finished

I finally finished both trees tonight, with everything else happening today could not get to them..whew..I am satisfied..even if I did not have everything I wanted to put on them..but you do what you can do with what you have..something that is new to I always have my way when it comes to this..not in the last two years..since I can not do it myself, I am humble for what can be done for This time I put the tree in front of the 3 bookshelves in my living room, which use to completely Christmas stuff on all shelves and on top.. I like it this way as it give us more to move around in our small living room, of course, one less chair to sit on, as I usually use about 8 strings of red berries but could not find them and use loose red berries and pine cones..looks good.. No candy canes as dh bought the wrong kind..the tiny ones that won't fit around the needle that will come tomorrow.
This tree is a tall 3 feet skinny tree for my studio..all that is missing is the charms that I have not got around to putting ribbons on to hang from here..will take another with the charms..lights up really nice too.
This is in my dinning room my antique side board..I usually have it decorated different but humbly, I used what I had to work with..not the norm for me it is plain..I usually also have my large nativity set out but not this year, none of the 5 sets that I own are out..I will have to figure out what to do next year if I have to hire
This is the top of my entertainment center in the living room, this is usually where my snow baby scene with a snow village and lots of trees on and very pretty. it is nice and it will do..
Oh, you have to met Ducky Wa-ckky..this is his name, he usually greets everyone on my answering service but everyone hates I receive very little calls or was left message last year..I have done this since 1993 when I bought him..the ups man told me what he delivered, he kept on hearing something on the back of the truck and did not know what it when he brought it to the door and handed it to me, it quack!! and we had a good laugh..He quacks Christmas love him..guess what I going to put on my message again..what the heck, lol I love him quack

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