Monday, January 21, 2008

UFO and New lamp for sewing machine

This is what I was suppose to be working on for the last 3 days, but never got further than what you see. I will have tamed that metallic yellow I have a sheet of silk fiber, crinkled red satin, you can see through this one, and orange organza..but probably will find something else to put on there..
I have been so busy helping dh and doing other more pressing priorities..I did try and sew on the the other dragon but with the LED light I just could not see very well.

So DH went and bought me this lamp, Dimensions Hologen Wall Fixture W6, Hologen Gimbal Cylinder Head. In case anyone is interested...Worked just great. You can go brighter to dim. It is, of course, mounted to wall. I was looking for one that maybe you could stick it to the machine but this will do fine.
Closer View.

Chat: Dh went up into the attic again and saw a live raccoon living up there..He was up there for the longest time yesterday and never saw it..He thought he was looking at a dead one today but than it moved..It, he says, has been up there since the awning fell. He just could not get out. He tired to today but there was nothing for him to jump we put the a ladder up for him, I just hope his friend doesn't show up..that is all we will need..for sure. The have already ruin my ceiling in my kitchen by peeing in a certain area and is now showing through..and have poop in different areas up there on top of the installations..I knew it but dh would not go up and check it out..earlier... He said it looks like the raccoon has been living off Styrofoam..but what about water..I just do not know..I was hoping he got a photo of it but did not.

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