Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wonderful Wonderful Awning is Up

No gutters, The guy, son of the contractor who does awnings, said instead of given us gutters he put up a long thing with a hole in it..sorry do not know terms for all this. Because of our trees and leaves, he said it would be easier for us to clean it. You can kinda see a hole at the end of that pipe.

We received a better awning and also put up much better than our other one. I am very happy with it..the other day the electrician was here so that is done and he put up a double light system than what we had..very happy for that,
Tomorrow the guys the fixes the roof and put up flashing will be here..They were suppose to do that today, especially the flashing but could not as the roof is not fixed with shingles..
I have not done much this week but knit. I am a bit more half done with my wrapghan. I added 20 more stitches and will add 20 more rows. as dh is taller than me and he might want to us it.
Since I did not sit at the dinning room table, beading, were all the noise was or living room, knitting..I finished up 2 swaps and one exchange, a ribbon is fun doing these little things that require not more than a few minutes of your time to do them. Now I am done for swapping for awhile.

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