Friday, January 25, 2008

Yarn for Wrapghan

I bought these from my yarn shop here in Memphis about 5 years ago. I got them on sale. The green was Fr. Rick's favorite color, so the lady help me pick out the other colors to blend with it. He got sick and I never did get around to making his Afghan for him. So now I am using it for my wrapghan. I bought 18 skeins, 6 each and had the receipt with yarn shop lets you return what you do not I always kept the receipt..It cost me about $104, getting them for 7 dollars a skein instead of $ 10,50. Have to support your yarn shop or they will close on us.. The colors are Chestnut Heather, Mushroom and Forrest Green Heather. I had about 12 skeins rolled and left 6 unrolled in case I had to take some back..but I do not think so now. lol Not sure just how much I am going to use..I just hope I have enough, but if not I will pick up stitches on the bottom and top and get a solid color to blend I think I do though.
Here it is. Not much but been knitting almost constantly for the last few days. I have to now wear a brace so I can knit. I did find a wonderful pattern for a sweater on one of the sleeve and another not need either, but afghans make wonderful Christmas gifts..I have to have something in my knitting basket. the one my Mom gave me at Christmas is perfect too..

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