Saturday, January 12, 2008

Singer Electronic 7468

DH just bought this machine for me for our 35th Anniversary coming up on February 14th, yes Valentine's Day..does this mean my marriage was a lot of roses and champagne..No way!! lol No dreamy eyes wish
This the Singer Electronic 7468..I have looked it up and all I know it it is the second top to the of Singer Electronic series...which is grouped with the Quantum's..the 7470 has 73 more program stitches and that is the only difference..he bought it online at EBay..(the second machine he has surprised me After we looked at others with higher price the Janome These are touch and sew machines..well we will see how I can handle this type of machine..I hope it can work like my other horse of a machine..I could put any metallic thread on it..If I can not work metallic looks lil sister will have a new

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