Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Contractors here, one at time

This morning at 8:30 the knock on the door and woke me up. It was the guys that did the damage wood pieces..and that was it...Here are three photos. After lunch, the painter will be here to paint it.. The the shingles and a strip of flashing will go up..Than another day or whenever the awning will go up. From what I am gathering it will be all I can not get done what needs to be I bead, knit and so on..but no sewing..always something..
He did tell me are ready for new shingles ..we knew that and to hire someone to get the rest of leaves off the roof, so it will hold out till we do..If I could do it, it would have done already..

Look at the leave and thickness of it..and that tree that is growing on my roof...I think it is growing it sure looks like it..dh may have brushed the leaves of the awning but he did not on the roof..

I am happy that the work is going to be done.

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