Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gettin Better-Chat

Hi all,
I am getting better as far as my arm goes. But still painful at times. It all depends on what I am doing. I have pin pointed the serve pain. It is the joint where you shoulder meets your arm. Sometimes it goes down about 2 inches and hurts all the way down. Dh has done a good job of wrapping it..where as the pain is not so bad. When you wrap something the pain is cushioned. How I do not know why. But it works. I also have been taking Alieve which helps a great deal. I was so glad it worked as I did not want to go on pain pills. I have a low threshold on getting hooked on something when it does so At least now I am typing with both hands and slowly, it works for me.
I have received things in the mail but can't remember it all. Boy am I hitting all kinds of codes here, never knew we had I received my extra bobbin case but I haven't played with it yet. Hopeful tomorrow. I have received some beads that I ordered, not much at all, Purple and Lime Green. This pay day my dh will let me order some fuchsia and sage, if I can find them.
I have been working on some clothespin magnets. but the ones I have done is very plain and want to put a photo of the more decorative ones I am going to be doing tomorrow or the next day.
We are still having problems with our awning and this time, we are really going to make them mad. WE are asking for the 3 bundles of shingles that they said they used and the felting. NO new shingles was put up at all. We are reporting the painter. He was suppose to prime and put on two coats of paint and he never did. He put on one coat, a good 20 minutes, ran my door bell and gave me what was left of the paint. What, Am I suppose to put on the second coat or something, I do not think so. If they do not want to give us the shingles than we want the insurance to be refunded the money. We will do what we have to stop this kind of half ass job that we are getting lately. sorry for the nasty word..but that is what I call it. I might even put it int he newspaper..It still leaks like you would not believe..
Still haven't got my computer glasses..yep had to take them back as I could not even see my computer..the receptionist did it all here I go again. lol
I haven't' even done the class I am in now and have two more coming up, one next week and one week after. If this arm doesn't stop hurting completely, I surely will be behind..but done that I really wanted to work along with the class though.
I have nothing in EBay or Etsy. EBay ran out and Etsy I took them I want to do things the right way and need to study things instead of rushing into it..So later on I will. As I have been busy doing stuff for both. My sister had her pin cushions in there and I will do it for her again.
We are trying to get it where on eBay it says' Buy it Now " but do not know how to..We have read everywhere on that site. Sooo till I find out I won't put nothing on but will on Etsy as soon as I get my own Pay Pal account.
There was an article in CPS I got yesterday about Etsy. Over 100, 000 sellers, I might go somewhere else. The article said some are making a living with their sales. I know about 6 people right now that are still waiting to sell their first item..and has been for months. The article also says how much you would get when you where to get selling something for $10. Etsy takes their cut, but forgot to mention the cut Pay Pal gets too... It really is not, to me, be cracked up to be as great as every one said. YOU have to be lucky in selling something the public wants. and hope the price is right too. Even EBay isn't what it says it is. But so far these are a few places that we can sell our homemade items. I will just keep my fingers This is of course my own opinion.

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