Monday, February 4, 2008

15 pounds of beads and what's up-chat

Two packages I received today. There were laying in front of my door. I had my front door open and Suzie always wakes me up from a nap when they ring the door bell. She did not this time..we think she going deaf. I woke up at 430 and walk right over her and she did not move an inch. Poor thing..anyway, do you know how heavy a 15 lbs
Here they lined in a I have purple, red, orange, yellow, green, lime green, medium blue, dark blue (navy), medium turquoise, light turquoise, copper, dark gold, light gold, white and gray (silver).
Here is the other package. We order on the we got electronically but did not have the right stuff in it and glad it did not cost a lot. This is a lot more expensive but has what I want in it for my PDF files that I am making.
Well on Sat. the construction people came and fixed the shingle and flashing. On Friday the owner wanted me to sign my dh john doe and told him no. For one reason the work was not completed..
I knew it was going to rain this morning so was looking forward to my deck not leaking at all. To my disappointment, it leaked..I have been in a bad mood all day because of this. I can not remember having things done to my home and having to call the workers but for repairs..I remember when we hired someone and the worked was done and you were so happy, not any more. For one thing, from day one, they past the buck on the shingles and flashing from one to another and when the boss called on Friday, he says to me I thought all the work was done but we do have a problem and I said yes, my shingles and flashing..I felt like saying more but did not.
Dh went out there this morning tryng to find out why we had a leakage..for one thing one of pour out sprout did not pour out the rain, it laid where the flashing and that from dh could see it was back up and that is why it leaked. So now I have another damn day to wait for these guys and can do nothing very creative as I just can see myself in that certain creative moment and the than the door bell with the phone I ignore They still have my deductible that I have to give them. I did not know they did not take a credit card, so we had to send for it from our savings in Fl. but they won't see it till I have absouletely no leaks. I will call State Farm and see if I can do this..I may not be able too. We paid for our security door and when the guy ran out of screws to secure the door he said he would come back the next day to finished it. well that has been 2 years and my dh had to fix it..oh Better Business has there number. lol
I have been sewing, beading and knitting and painted or started an oil painting but a 5x7..very relaxing, so will need to do more of this for sure. Just nothing I want to post right now on what I am doing. Have a great day tomorrow.
Sorry for mispelled words the spell checker is not working.


birdy said...

Nothing here out of the ordinary. Just trying to do a little quilting but its not going very well. Too many interuptions. Waiting on dr. calls and etc. Not very good progress with DH. Tomorrow we get the Pet and Ct scan many be that will shed some light on why so little progress. You are busy with lots of projects. I can well relate to the workmanship in todays world when you are trying to get some repairs done. Canot find good workmanship nowhere anymore. Your awning looks like our carport that we added on the garage side. We had to have them come back and ended up hiring someone else to finish up their mess. I missed our quilt guild today and it was going to be a very good one but another time. It was so foggy here this morning but it did clear up by 8:30 so I could have made it except for those Dr. calls and I have to be here as he gets it all mixed up on what they tell him.
What on earth are you going to do with all those beads? I think you ordered enough for a life time. Did you ever manage to finish those placemats?
Catch ya later.

LorraineS said...

I would have post back to you yesterday but stayed of the computer with the storms that we were having.
I am so glad you have posted as I have been thinking of you and your dh..I sure hope those test will tell you something, please keep me inform.
As far as the beads, well I for sure did not for see a huge bag and did not commute with brain to go and check out what a lb of beads but you are right I have enough for a life but than again, I bead all the time and these colors are the basic for my who know..
No I haven't got around to playing with the place mat but will soon, I promise..thank you so much for sending them. I do hope I know what to do when the time comes..still busy with my priorities and hugs, Lorraine

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