Friday, February 15, 2008

What I received today and bought

This is from a ribbon exchange in my group. These are from Donna M. We were to send 5 -1 yard to how many we wanted to. Donna sent more because she sent smaller ribbons. Thank you I love them all. We were to send ribbons larger than a 1/4 inch. They are so pretty..
This LIME Green Miniature Rose plant my dh bought me today. We got it at Wal-Mart. Just went there for some bubble Isn't it just AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL! Next week he will by me a plant lamp so I can keep it in the house. I have put a couple of miniature roses over the years and they only made it one year. So this one will stay inside till the weather is warm enough for the deck.
Another view.
The whole plant. It is sitting in a pink plastic pot on the outside with hearts embedded on them. It was on sale for 2 for $ 7.88 and only bought one.
This is a beautiful card sent to me for my Anniversary from Carol M, Birdy, in AZ. Thank you so much for taking the time to make us a card. It is pretty and I love it. I was so shocked to received it today. You are a doll. Again thank you, Birdy.
This is my new yarn for another caplet. I do not want to wear red during the spring and summer. It is call Baraque...Purple to love the color..It is the same yarn as the red one. Mom wants one to and have to find out what color she likes. She fell in love with mine.
I had no intentions of buying these items as it is not in my budget but dh wanted to and than I am thinking I thought we are saving so we can do the things to our home..He told he got back pay in his check..I did not buy all that much but enough. I think..He had a big huge Red Teddy bear with I love you on a heart and when he was not looking I put it back...he did not notice it at all when we checked out...than he said he felt like he forgot something and I told him just him wanting to buy it was enough for I already have a large teddy bear he bought me a few years ago.
Well, I have to take these computer glasses back. I can not see my computer that well. but I can with my old ones. I am about 20 inches away and have to be so I can use my key board. I have to get right on top of it to see it and still not that well. Ohhh I hate this.. I am using my old right now and it is these cost me $200 dollars. So I will have to take them back tomorrow , when I can get back to him, as I do not drive yet..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Well, I am so tired from all the running around we did today. Went to see Amy and Ernest in Munford..and had a great time visiting them. I do miss that. I forgot to take my digital so they had a camera and took some photos. Told them this is for 2008 and see how it takes for us to get together
Have a great waken all.


Anonymous said...

hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash......

this site ..

LorraineS said...

So now you just have another name..will report you also..You can not fool me..

birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Sounds like you had some nice fun over Valentines day. Nice to renew friendships and lunch with long time friends.
Your rose bush is just absolutely lovely. I will have to check out Wall Mart.
Roses are my favorite flower. I had a bush that was deep deep red and about 15 yrs. old and it died with the heat we had last summer. It had just hugh flowers on it all the time. I will have to replaced it with another soon before it gets too hot here to plant.
I had to take a couple more looks at your beaded cones. They are so precious.
Nice gift from your son for the 2 classes. You will be more than busy with all the irons you have in the fire.
Nothing new here. The tests on DH didn't come back good at all. Has new spots on lung and looks like maybe on the lymph nodes. Mon. goes to chemo dr. and see when they will start round #4 of that yuk!!!.
I just can't get interested in any quilting. Been trying to work on some churn dash squares for a quilt but going very slow.
Take care.

LorraineS said...

Birdy, Oh my heart feels for you and dh. Here is a huge hug for both of you.
Please take care of yourself too.
Now is the time I start putting coffee grounds and tea on the roots of my roses outside. I have 5 right now had 8 but slowly losing them in the last two years. I have not been out there to take care of them like I use to. I would water them with a gallon of water every morning..but with my knee and hands I just haven't but will try to this year.
Well, the sun is shining and I heard we are suppose to have snow daffodils are in full bloom so mother nature has fool them but got some photos. love and hugs, Lorraine

Twila Grace said...

I like roses, too. It's lovely.

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