Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ribbon ear rings-catching up

Finished ear rings. I do not have much supplies. I think they came out pretty good for what I had to worked with..I will wear my large ones to the Dr's on Wednesday this
This is what I have been working on since last night. These are ribbon ear rings from one of my jewelry books that I bought last week. So simple and sooooo wild.. They are not done yet. I need to do the tops and I might try to add a bead or two to the hook that I will put on them. I will do some metal work with some sort of curly q's too. Will post when I get them done. Wanted to put these on my blog..I am having so much fun..but these shell circle shapes is all that I had and also the ribbon yarn that you knit with. The larger one is something I just played around with when I found them at the dollar tree store and just thought why not..Yes I will wear them to the Dr.'s office next week. lol..They are cheap enough that if I lose one it is not like losing my diamonds or gemstones/diamond earrings..and for the summer, I will for sure be the gypsy that I am..I use to wear 4 rings on each hand, bracelets, toe rings, ankle bracelets, I still wear these.. but stop when I stop going places..but now I am back to wearing my jewelry except only one ring on each oh no toe rings either..I have one that I bought with a diamond in it and it was not cheap and going to see if my Mom wants it..
I haven't posted much the last few days. As I am still trying to get my sugar and cholesterol down. I did fine till I went out to dinner on Sun with family at the Bahama Breeze..I did not eat much but it was "what" I ate..shrimp, scallops, spinach dip, 3 chips, Cuban bread and what did I order for my meal..seafood platter with yellow rice and the works..and a fruit dish. I ended up bringing it home. I think I had like about 6 bites and it was so salty..Mom had the same thing and she loves her salt and she even said it was to salty..Dh had it for dinner the next
Than I had a eye specialist appt yesterday which I dreaded. They usually put me on the this machine and it takes about 5-7 on each eye and when I am done, I could scream. My eyes are so sore and fatique and they usually do a dilation..but they did not do any of them and was so thrilled and lost a night of no sleep because of I go back in another 6 months..and I can drive again. as my eyes has not been tearing on me when I walk out the door or driving and can not see. It only has done it about a dozen times in the last 6 I am good for now..hope it stays this way. Now to get rid of the fear of driving since I haven't in 2 and half
I am working on some bookmarkers and when I started them I forgot to to felt them so had to start over again.

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Mary said...

Oh sis, I just love these errings wonderful job on them...turn out wonderful...which one is Mary

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