Friday, July 27, 2007

My crochet PAVE seed beaded ring and bracelet set

This is the bracelet that matches the ring. What a pain sewing all those beads took 3 evenings to do it. I was going to count them in case someone wanted to know how many beads but not at this point. I added a button to the end instead of a bead.
This is my seed beaded ring. I have so much fun trying to do my own thing. I have added pink silver lined and red here and there to my ring. I had some pink variegated thread my sister sent to me so I worked on it last night. I do not have the right needles to put the beads on the thread nor do I have the right size thread. So I crochet the ring and just sewed the the beads by hand. Came out so pretty and looks good on my hand. At least I got more done than the book markers. I have been wanting to do more but my body just doesn't want to. I am wanting to paint paper with all different ways so hopefully I will be able to do them this weekend.

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