Monday, July 30, 2007

Wine Dyeing-what fun

Tie Dyeing done. it sure came out a different color than the solid piece. Maybe I used up most of the color the first time. I still like what it did. More fabric to play with.
Here it is dried and ironed. I just love the color. I can not really say what it is. I want to say lilac, because I love this color a lot. But than it has some blues in there..but all in all I am very pleased with it. Look forward taking out the tied dyeing tomorrow.

As usual I did the photos wrong but will explain after each photo. This is my wine, Sangria with oranges inside that has been in the fridge for over 8 months. I was told the drinking wine is good for a diabetic so I thought I would drink some wine. Well after my husband bought those very expensive wine and having to drink them himself, we went to Sangria as I remember drinking this while in Hawaii at our picnics and parties with 7 up. Well, I just do not like wine. I had forgot about the 7up and tried drinking it as is, horrible so it sat in there for all this time taking up So I figure why not try dyeing some fabric with it as it stains any and every thing..well and behold, it works Above photos is the fabric stuff in the wine with the

This was suppose to be the last photo, emptied of all its
This is all the oranges that are left in the bottle. Let me tell you they still were nice and plump so can you imagine hoe potent they might have been to Never mind the wine
This was suppose to be the second photo's showing the fabric coming out of the bottle, believe it was not easy. Boy those knitting needles sure do come in handy for me lately with a lot of projects, this being one of them, lol
This is the fabric hanging to dry, Do you see that blue spot in the middle. well that is ivory detergent that I thought I would rinse it out with and as soon as it hit the fabric it turned a really pretty blue, wish it would have stayed that way..acid with soap neutralized forgot..I could not throw the wine out so I now have a twisted knotted fabric in a bowl, this time, lol, for some tied dyes..showing tomorrow. I am going to leave it over night.

I will not be doing much jewelry as I have an art quilt that I am getting to do and than my journal quilt for Houston, I know I am behind in all this but now my juices are flowing for some of the fun art for me. I will post photos of my Flower challenge, I think I can I will find out but the journal quilt we are not allowed to. but as soon as it is over in Houston I will post them and how I made them.

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