Friday, July 6, 2007

Add a bead or beads post cards

Received this bead a card pc yesterday, Thank you Tonia. it is lovely.
I started this last night and finished them so they could go out in the mail this morning. We had to do a pc and you could add a bead or beads. This is punching on the Huskystar ER10 of mine..boy do I love this machine. I have been working with only 4 needles for over a week now..Haven't broke one. Also not holding breath anymore as I push the peddle to the
This card has different colors of roving on the bottom, added Angelina fibers and than took some plastic film wrapped in tulle, so that it would adhere to the fibers of the fabric..Than I threw in a bunch of beads to see what I would used and the pearls won.. So I beaded the pearl following the contour of the film wrap all the way down. It is so pretty in person. Added fiber to the edges. I was experimenting again..the only way is to try and see how things go together. Click on the photo to get a larger view.
Now onto my book marker swap. I only have this and another 2 pcs to do and am done with swapping for awhile. I have classes I have to catch up on and some challenges and journals to do before September so I will be busy.

1 comment:

SuZ said...

these pc's are really nice Lorraine...good 'em...

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