Thursday, July 19, 2007

Amethyst Glass Bracelet made-Turquoise added

Here is my Turquoise bracelet added. I made that about 5 am this morning. Did not feel like sewing and needed a blue bracelet. They are so much fun to make and so easy and quick. I had to add a different bead to this one as another huge bead made it to large. This color I wear a lot so it will be used more than the others. I love to wear teal/turquoise as that is a color that looks good on me.. The yarn is ocean breeze Fun Fur..These beads are plastic, if they were glass they would have been to heavy. I love wearing these type of jewelry for the simple fact I can use them every day and also I am allergic to all metals but sterling silver and gold.
Here is my Amethyst glass bracelet I made today. I made it different than my green one. I did a double strand with some beautiful Moda-Dea Frivolous Ultra Violet fiber. This fiber yarn is just so pretty. It has 3 different stands of fibers. The glass beads are from Hobby Lobby. They had a 50 percent off yesterday on their glass lucky did I I bought two different strands of shapes and mixed them in this bracelet.

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