Thursday, July 12, 2007

Books received from craft club-some chat

I do like ordering books. I love Amazon. But sometimes we can find better deals. I had these books on Amazon when I got the little notice about joining a craft book club. You buy 4 for a dollar and buy 2 more for the next year. I used to do this with the Literary Guild for years a long time ago. It was great. So will I will give it a try. Since I saved over 50 dollars I will for sure. The books are what has strikes my fancy lately and wanted to know more about it. 1. Easy Beaded Knits by Jeanette Trotman; 2. The Decorated Bag (embellishing handbags, purses and totes) by Genevieve A. Sterbenz; 3. Creative Native American Beading by Theresa Flores Geary, Ph.D; 4. The Art of Polymer Clay by Katherine Duncan Aimone and 5. Knitting Beyond the Edge by Micky Epstein. Looks like some good reading coming up and excited about it too.
I read the newest book by Christopher Nejman and was very excited with the pillows. I have designed about 3 now for myself. When I brought the book with me to dinner so that my sons and mother could pick out a pillow so I could make them one. First of all, Mom did not like any of them but also said she had to many already. My sons, Mike (with Pauline his wife) and Terrance picked out the same pillow..the Elegant one and I do not think they know that there is fabric paint on it..they might change their mine..BUT low and behold, my dh picked out 3 different pillows he would love to have in his living room..why his, I do not live in it but a few hours a week..I do not watch TV in there..I have my own in every room (5 rooms) if I want to watch but the poor old So it is his room..and guess what, he has to clean up after himself too not lucky can I

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