Sunday, July 15, 2007

Experimenting with duck cloth and fabrics

Finished bookmarkers tonight-7-26. Added beads and fibers to finished them.
Added fibers and Angelina fibers. Will now do some playing with holographic threads and finished the edges.

Here I am experimenting with duck cloth. These are the book markers that I am making. They do not so hot but in person looks pretty good. I have 100 per cent cotton, lame, felt with Angelina fibers on these and will add some chiffon to the one on the left. The one on the right is done and will add Angelina fibers and fibers to glitz it up a bit. I did not break a needle with any of the cottons, but as soon I worked with the lame, walla, one broke. Why I do not know. I was worried I was going to be breaking a lot of needles trying out the fabrics over the duck cloth but did not. I will add to this as I go.
I love working with duck cloth. Christopher Nejman books "Pillows" is a wonderful source of a book that shows you how to punch fancy fabrics, as I call them, on duck cloth. I think I am giving in and going to order the DVD. I hear it is an awesome as his book.
I can not wait to start my pillows and will this week. Once I get going I know I will not be able to stop. It has been a wonderful experience shopping for all these fabrics. Made me appreciate the delicate fabrics more than before that we have out there. I started to look different types of fabrics not just the delicate ones but others as well. Of course had to by them as well. One thing about going shopping in person, you can order a 1/4 or 1/2 of a yard if you want too. Online it usually is a yard.

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