Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wired bracelet and another crochet one

I have worked on these two for the last day. I loved doing the wired one..but ohh those finger tips..The crochet was done after I just could not get the knitting one done so thought I'd give it try at crocheting and it worked. These are my own patterns. simple and easy for now. I am trying to get the feel of working with all this. My dh is going to selling stuff on eBay in about 8 months and want to try to sell some jewelry but need the experience first hand.
The 30-32 gauge wire is disappointing to me as they can break on you and you bet they did with me. I did a yard and half of beads to do a turquoise mixed bead bracelet in a tube shape. It was an easy enough pattern..but at first I could not fine the chain stitch or later the top or back of the sc. lol..After a few egg nest, lol I got it down..This moring about an inch and half sure enough, It did break and than I said to myself this is not for me. I can use these fine wires on something else. So back to 28 gauge wires for
The wire bracelet has mixed beads, yes the one that I did string up, I have seed, E, and twisted bugles beads. I had ordered those clasp for another bracelet that I am going to make as soon the as the back order gets here. But bought larger clasp and thought I would make this one. but when I was done with the 5 strands, and set them down, it did not have a nice form to it so I beaded in between them and now looks and feels better on the wrist.
I tried my knitting too and goof on it and put it away for awhile and than reread it and walla, I knew exactly what I was doing wrong, so I might be doing this tomorrow..
I do not know why I have started any of my art quilts yet, I am getting closer to both deadlines..I guess I just do not want to right now..At least they are not sealed in blood. lol I can get out of both if I want. But did that all of last year and the year before for legitimate reasons too. Not this

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