Thursday, August 2, 2007

Black onyx chip choker and bracelet in the works

A better photo with the digital showing the Angelina fibers and thread.
They are finished. I must say it was fun. You can not see my Angelina fibers or my silver holographic thread through out the fabric but they are there and it looks so much prettier than here. I have added eyelets and cord for the closure for this set of jewelry. This way she can either tighten or loosen it for fitting. I left the ends likes to fray, but sewn a line across it so it would not anymore..

This is the beginnings of making these two pieces for my sister for her birthday, same as mine, of course, at the end of the month. She is going somewhere for her anniversary which is on September 5Th. She is making herself a sun dress out of black and white fabric and through the web cam, we can see that this fabric, a very thick belt being recycled, into a choker and bracelet. So far I am using black onyx chips and it sure if I will need some clear crystals on here or not. I will keep posting my progress as I go along...looks like no art quilts will be made..who knows I still might get them for sure the flower power challenge but not so the journal one. I have the designs for both just have to get to it.
To add some spice to the choker and bracelet I might add some Angelina fibers and use some machine thread playing around them also. Probably using holographic black that I have and some candlelight thread in the bobbin--ohh sounds like a lot of fun on my


Mary said...

Hi sis, Thanks so much, they are simply beautiful and now for the outfit, I am so behind on everything with this shoulder problem but now I am trying to get back into things and again thank you so much can't wait till I get Mary

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Glad you like them and sorry you have to see them before you-our-birthday, lol..but gotta show it off..They will be in the mail this Sat. love and hugs, Lorraine

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