Friday, August 24, 2007

What Jewelry Dad and step mother made and others

These are jewelry my dad made me while we were there in Hawaii in the early eighties. He and his wife, Helen, made jewelry for the tourist and did catering on the side for parties. This is after they retired..what a way to live. She died in 2001 in Dec and my dad died Jan of 2002. she of diabetes complications and my dad of lung cancer.
The Black necklace and bracelet are called Kuki nuts. It grow on the tree. They have to be hulled open and then you have the nut. My Dad showed me the process. You have to shine the nut and drill, which is hard if you do not have a drill press. He told me that the Kuki Nut tree had one white nut and it is very rare to get. He never did get to make one as it takes a lot of nuts as you can see to make a necklace. He also made jewelry out of shells they would get on the sandy beaches near where he lived, Haleiwa. Where Tom Selleck made his TV show, Magnum PI..he would see his red car go by and they would stop traffic while filming. On of course is a regular shell necklace. On has a shell on a gold pendant. The others are tree seeds of the trees of Hawaii, I of course have forgotten the names of them and the paper work I had on them is lost. but I have not worn any of these since being back. I only wore these in Hawaii with my muumuus The were on the island of Oahu where we were on Kauai, my dh was stationed on PMRF Barking Sands. ( got this name because of long ago when walking along the shore on the sand it would sound like a dog barking. lol)
This is the necklace my step mother Helen made me while there also. This is a rare seed bead. She said her and dad would go to the swampy areas to find these and gather as much as they can. I did not really believe her till I left Hawaii and someone at the airport offered me $300 for my necklace. She made it so large, It measures 48 inches long, I wrapped it around my neck twice and it hangs down to my waist line. very pretty one. I am fortunate to have all these.
This is a POP bead necklace that my step grandmother Ruth gave to me when I was nine years old. Can you believe it, it still pops of and on. I will have had it after next week, 50 years. A classic for or is it an antique!!??
These were made from the Hawaiians of Nihau,. My girlfriend hired 3 of the men and women to make these for me. The real thing for a pukka necklace. She did not want to buy one of those made in the store. It took them 24 hours and she wasn't sure it they were going to be done before we flew back to the mainland. I have never wore them either. When I return to Hawaii I will. one

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