Friday, August 10, 2007

Cloth bracelet and crocheted button pendant wire fiber chain

Finished this today. I made two of them. One with crochet thread for my third finger and this one for my ring finger on the left hand. I like this one much better as I put 3 layers of beads on top. very cool looking. Now for a green outfit will surely set the pace for me. lol.
I finally finished these last night, I notice one is the left one. I need to buy me some 14 k gold wires to wear these or sterling I have a set. 8-16

I made this last after a few tries at trying to design my own crocheted bracelet and rings. And I decided to play with some buttons, which I have not done yet. It was a bit hard but here it is and it is a very pretty piece in person. It is a large button with huge holes. I put the crochet needle and grab the crochet thread from the back and beaded it also. This part took about an hour and half..very tedious but worth it. Than I crocheted a crocheted chain and did not like it and decided to crochet some of my green wonderful fiber around some lime green wire and here it is.
I did this the other night and most of yesterday beading 3 types of beads and colors on this cloth. It is really glitzy and feels very soft to touch. I still have to add the ribbon in the back. All of my crocheted items I will add ribbon on the backs so it looks finished. but not the rings, kinda hard for them as I tried dahhhhhhh..
Here is a close of my glitzy cloth bracelet and its beads and holographic threading to add to it.
I have kept myself busy. I also did pin basting and basting with thread on my novelty quilt and now waiting to go see mom to be sure it is done correctly, photo below added to the pieces that are shown cut up. It still does not look right to
Good news, I have lost 12 lbs and my sugar levels are just great..and it has only been 2 weeks since I have been to doctors. I have not done much exercises but a lot of every time I do try I end up laid up with my knee in pain. I wish I could get on the thread mill like I use to. I used to do the hula and dancercise every morning till I had knee surgery and its been 2 years ago on my birthday this month, 29th. Sis had her knee surgery and she is fine, she does not use a cane either. I am wondering if it is all due to fact that I am diabetic..but doubt it.

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