Monday, August 13, 2007

Pony Beads bracelets, bracelet for Katie and chat

I made this two pony beads bracelet to practice on crocheting on a thicker wire. I like this pony beads, they have larger holes.. I am out of clasp so they will have to wait till I get more. This weekend I will go shopping. With our hot and I mean hot weather, I will not venture out much more than to sun bath every morning for about 10.
I have psoriasis on both calves and elbow and it is right now with me not driving the only way to keep it down. I did not last two years..but this year I am..boy am I getting dark. lol I know at my age I should not be, but what is a gal gonna do when she does not drive to go the tanning booth. The tanning booth in a month it would be gone..about 15 minutes twice a week. It is the Ultra rays I think that does that or something that the tanning booth does. Where in the sun I need an hour of 15 in the tanning booth.
I made this little necklace for my great niece Katie Duggar who is in the hospital. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Thursday. She was an out patient but ended going to emergency room and was admitted Friday. She was in a lot of pain and was dehydrated. Yesterday she was put on IVs. My dh and I went to visit her last night. She was doing a little better but still was not drinking enough. I made a very tiny bracelet to match and will give it to her when she is hope safe and sound. I love you Katie. When she would visit me, we would go to my fridge where I have a huge magnetic sheet on the front and draw..when we are doing our thing, we hear or nor see no one xxoo to you Katie. She is at the LaBonner Hospital. A great one too.

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