Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Purse and Extension table for HuskyStar ER10 machine

Purse is done. I started out with two 8 x10 pieces of fabric, iron interfacing on it. Than I thread played with 3 different holographic thread, gold, teal and pink. I did star shooting with the pink and blue, and curly loops with the gold..Took about 2 hours. I had 2 smaller pieces also that I did and used one for the flap. Than I beaded the front with pink and teal beads on few of the tails from the stars. This took almost 3 hours as I beaded them 3 times to make sure they were secure because it is a purse and it will be getting some usual treatment than other items that are beaded. Then another 6 hours trying to figure out how to put the darn thing together..I did not want to look at a pattern so a lot of guessing and taking out stitches..lol but I did it. Could not find any of my hand dyed silks or silks that are ready for dyeing, it is in a box all by itself, another job to St Tony, lol, Anthony anyway..lol Once I had it all figured out it was such a breeze. Sewed the handle while I sewed the inside lining and front together, was wondering if it was going to work and it did..So now I have made my first purse. Now I used make draw sting bags for my sons when they were little for their marbles and toys but it is not the same. I will put this out in the mail on Sat. I hope she likes it.. 8-23
Here is the purse that I am still working on. Was gone most of the day yesterday and was tooooo tired to work on anything yesterday.. When I got home my extension table package was leaning against the door. What shock me was it was a smoke color and thought they were clear..now that dh has seen what they look like, he can make my others for me. I am so glad he is a handy dandy man, lol It is huge, it will take most of table and now have to find a place for my cutting area...not sure what I will do as I like having this area for cutting so I might move it under the designing board and just place the ironing area away and pick it up when needed.

This is in the makings right now. I was going to use a pattern but found it was taking me time if I did my own. I took some card stock cut out an 8x10 rectangle.Cut out a 10 inch piece and fold it in half for the flap. Cut 2 inch strips that I will use like rope and add a string of beads and fibers on it for the handles. Right now it is not sew together as I am beading the tails of the stars in 2 different placed. Hanging from the flap will be some beads or tassels that I will make myself. This is due Sept. 1st. Keeping fingers cross that I can get it done. well actually I have to get it done so I can have a free peace of mind not having any other deadlines to meet for my journal and other two quilts to make. I can make all of these in a weeks time for each...so the journal quilt has to be first at it has to be mailed, plus have to have the statement laminated, photos done properly where as the other I just need photos for now. whew..
I received my second lesson for the fairies and this will have to wait it is little bitty pouches to house your fairies, I have 9 of them right now and not time..lol I am making sis one for her birthday and just printed up her face to be the fairy, how cute it is..so small. lol

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