Friday, August 17, 2007

My new class and loving it

I am taking a Pocket Full of Fairies with Carol Murphy at I did not know how to add photos on the class so I put them here for now.. These are bodies for my fairies. The one on the left was suppose to be black for a witch but could not find the black fiber for it and this is the closet I could come to she will be a pretty now I will add the faces when I get done painting them as I have some polymer clay faces already done. I will than make my purple-a poppy, the pink, a pansy, the green- haven't decided yet but will. I will make the wings out of crinkle lame in the rainbow colors..
It is good to get away to something so much fun once in awhile. I had to as my journal quilt has me all in a Once I get it figured out I will be okay, but have to do some experimenting with different techniques I have never done and this is what I get for waiting till last minute to do my art quilts that all are due in Sept. but it keeps me on my toes, sorta of

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