Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recycle Bold Bracelet made out of soda can tabs

I made this the last few nights. I had to wait till I had enough tabs. It is not a good photo. I can not wait for my camera to come back in. It was one of Sony's camera with a defect. I am getting a lot of images with blurred visions and tried to fix it but I guess I am doing something wrong. This is made with stretched elastic cord. I saw this on the Jewelry show on DIY, they don't seem to showing it anymore. really a bummer. Looks really bold on. not bad. I am going to collect more to make a belt.
I have been working on doing my sketches for my journal quilt and flower challenge in between making some jewelry. I am still practicing the tube crochet with beads and boy it is not easy. No matter how easy it looks in the book. for me to say that it has to be hard. I am now practicing with pony beads and sports weight yarn. Still not that easy. I have made a pair of earrings to go with my green fiber bracelet and necklace. So will have as set to wear soon.
The bad news, my dh is going to be selling on eBay soon and I am not going to be ready for selling my jewelry. I will not till I can master some of the parts of jewelry makings. At lease he will be set up when I am ready.
Little Katie saw her photo and her coloring page and my niece, Leah, told me that she was smiling so big. I got to talk to her and she wanted to know where her necklace was that she saw on here...not realizing that her mom had it..

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