Thursday, August 16, 2007

My friend in Hawaii-Breast Cancer

I called my friend, Chermain Ropozo, in Hawaii to wish her a "Happy Birthday" today. Of course I woke her up..I do have the tendency to do this to it was 6:45 and 11:45 I found out she just recently got back from going through radiation treatments for her breast cancer on Oahu, She lives in Kauai, where we were stationed at while there. They caught it early so just radiations. I felt so bad, as I haven't called her for such long time. Before Fr. Rick's death. She did not he had died. She was waiting for me to call her so she could get my phone number and address as she lost her addresses and also told she can never remember how to spell my name. but this won't happen again. I will call her every month from now on, no matter how busy or what time it is..Friends are hard to come by. Happy Birthday my dear friend..

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