Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Novelty Quilt started twin size

Here is the novelty quilt. Not a great photo but the camera batteries went out and was lucky to be able to get this one. I am having mine fixed by Sony as it had a defect and this is my son's camera. I have never seen a camera that uses so many batteries..
I spent about 4 hours at mom's yesterday and sewed, ripped out stitches and sewed and ripped out stitches..lol I kept sewing them in the wrong place. Mom would help pin it and give to me and somehow sewed on the wrong sides. after awhile we both wanted to throw it in garbage..but we kept on going. It was not her doing. As she did her pink mock up in no time and we took, the two of us, 4 hours..such an easy and simple design if you know where to sew. Oh the below piece was all basted by me all wrong. Mom took one look at when I got there and said you have to take it all out, it is wrong..what a way to begin a day. Above I still have the 2 pieces on the top and bottom to sew plus the 3 pieces on each side which I am about to do this evening and Now I just love it and am going to do another one and spend the day with mom on Sunday to finish the top..lol At lease I will have mine to look at. I do not know how you traditional quilters work on those smaller piece..and I am wanting to do my Watercolor pieces so bad. This is from a class with Carol Miller and those pieces are 1 inch but pretty..I have them all in order of rows and been sitting in a baggie all this time over 3 years. I tried it for a bit and got really bored..so I never picked it up again..lol
Here are the pieces basted in rows. I sure hope it looks better than this, lol. I tried my best to get the colors even distributed but looks like I did not. I will worry about that later. I did notice a few of my prints are going sides ways..oh well. lol Better next time, if there is a next time. Only time will tell if I like doing this type of quilting. lol
I am feeling so good not having any deadlines that you sign up for in a swap and have to commit to those. Challenges are great. They are not written in blood and can get out of them. Classes, all of the ones I have taken, you can do them a your leisure..so now it is my play time to do as I please and I am. I had forgotten about a class I am taken till I got my notice about the supply list and this starts on the 14Th...only two lesson..this should be fun, all about faeries..lover of faeries

I cut these pattern pieces all day yesterday. I am going to try and make another traditional quilt. This will be my second one ever. My first was was for Fr. Rick. and that was a queen size..maybe that is why I never made another one. lol (I often wonder who ended up with it.) These are my novelty prints that I bought for post carding the last year and half. I do not use that much novelty prints so now I am trying to to get rid of them any way I can. It is taking up a whole shelf in my closet. I did not even make a tiny dent. So I have a long way to go. I do not plan on making any more post cards. My Mom will be using my stash to make 3 twin size quilts so hoping this will help lower my stash. But I doubt it. My closet is a 4x8 and it is nothing but fabric from top to bottom with shelves in a U shape and a space to walk into it. Plus I need to add all the fabrics I bought to do a class with Christopher Nejman and not doing it now but have such lovely fabrics that are in bags now as there is no more room for them. Now here's hoping they will go together for me. They have points on them..lol I have not even repeated a print in quilt. Mom said it will be like a crazy quilt and she thinks it will be pretty. I hope so. I will start sewing them tomorrow or the next day. I have to prepare myself for this..lol Maybe this will get me in gear to do those art quilts that are due in September.

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