Sunday, July 19, 2009

ATC and PC swaps done

This is my PC for Stitching Fingers. Stitching Fingers has different groups that you can join that interest you. I must be on a dozen as I do so many different techniques with fibers, mediums and such. This is for the PC swap. This card will go to the UK. I love butterflies. I know I could have added more but than we have my limited health issues..but it is still pretty. I think anyway. I hope the person that I send it to will like as well.
This the ATC group for Stitching Fingers that I am in..I had to laugh when I made this..I love hearts so I was cutting out heart shape and was going to do a random sizes..but I laid this heart, the other heart was still attached and fell into guess what another butterflies..who doesn't like butterflies..any it is a purple theme with one other I have a royal purple int he background, under the Angelina fibers is violet but you can not that and I use violet Angelina fibers for the inside of the wings..I added beads inside and outside the butterfly. I hope this person like this card also..I have received hers the other day with a post card of where she lives in the UK with a purple feather..I wish I could repay with a PC of Memphis but I do not drive and I do not have one here but thinking when I do get to shopping is to just mail her one from here..Her card will follow as I forgot to take a photo.
I also this weekend with my stomach pains which I just begged God help me with lasted 3 days..I am not sure if has been from the over dosing of the pain pills or naproxen..but my pain was gone but it wasn't worth the pains in my stomach..I am much better now. I worked in between them and also worked with them to get my mind off, it did work so well but did accomplished what I wanted too...Or it could be the Fish Oil Omega Pills I started a week ago and took with every meal..only to find from others that they only take one a it will be while till my stomach settles..I know I must have lost about 2 more lbs..
When I had my check up with my heart specialist I had lost 9 lb from when I went to my regular 2 weeks ago..I was so thrill.
I go in tomorrow for my blockage leg testing at 11 am..bit scared but the out come will be what it will and we go from there...Thank you "listening" to my thank you visiting my blog and hope you all have a wonderful week coming up..lots of hugs, Lorraine

1 comment:

Gina E. said...

Hi Lorraine, I decided to check your blog to see if I could sort out what is happening with your ATC swaps, and I'm afraid you've sent your purple one to the wrong person! What shall we do? Would you like me to ask Joy if she will forward it on to Lorna? I'm sure she will, as I know them both, and they won't mind doing this to sort everything out! I'm sad to hear you are in so much pain. Your stitching is lovely; it is so therapeutic to be able to continue stitching and creating, when you are not well. Take care!

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