Friday, July 17, 2009

Borders on Orange Bloomers

I finished adding the borders sorry this is an awful photo and the color not even good..I have it crooked again..I need to get that program that can straightening out..just haven't yet..Or put something on designing board with lines on them. I am even surprised I even did this today, I have had a stomach since after the Dr's app yesterday and can not get rid of it. but with another green binding it will be pretty I think and I know my small meandering will take care of those I am going to try and machine quilt this tonight..I just could not do any more bias today, my eyes and wrist just could not handle that so I will try again tomorrow..
My friends, I have to have a ultra sound on my legs, they did not call me for an app today and very upset about that..He asked me if I get out of breath very quickly when walking or doing anything and I told him and I don't..than he asked me my legs hurt and like a dummy I said yes..they hurt in the calf area, the lack of exercises, I told him and than he grabs my leg and pushes on them and it is hard as rock, he asked me how have they been that way and I told a few days..because again, lack of exercises..when I was doing those bicycle two to three times a day it did not hurt..oh well, I guess I will get it done..he had 3 long words for what it is called, than he said blockage of the legs, I can remember dh had an app with him also and we see is fun too..I get to watch what they do to him and vice Our EKG's hasn't changed or gotten any he is dh have another stress test next Thursday...he had one in January..Every time I turn around it is something, that is why I do not like going to the all..or the dentist..lots of hugs and enjoy your weekend and thank you for visiting, hugs, Lorraine

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