Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new Hot Tub Dreammaker X440 from Watson

What the inside looks like.
The X400 is manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. State of the art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable easy to use spa for a fraction of the cost of most hot tubs. The X400 is resistant to all weather types and plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet. Simply fill it with water from a garden hose, plug it in and enjoy! Relax and melt away the days stress any time you desire in the privacy of your own home.

LED Light
Locking Cover
and steps, I put this in

This is me in a few weeks, lol

This is dh and me in a few weeks!!

The waterfalls...oh how pretty...
We are going to build a 10x12 lower deck of our larger deck from the dinning room... for now and build the railings and top after it arrives...slowly...we got $2000 knock comes with all the above with installation and free delivery, can't go wrong...
Up early, when I travel with dh in his truck is like his truck ran me over..a lot of pain but this time I was lots of those heat pads on back, shoulder and good as new tomorrow..have a great Sunday..thank you for visiting, hugs, Lorraine


Lynne said...

WOW - can't wait for an invite, I'll be straight over. We could relax and talk sewing all day!! Enjoy it Lorraine. Love Lynne in Yorkshire, UK

LorraineS said...

Lynne, an invite to you is always there, ever get to Memphis, you surely will be welcome to sit with me in my hot tub..
Something that medically and physically I can enjoy.
Son came over and cleared some of the area out today and there's a lot to do before we start building the looks like dh and sons will be busy till dark...if they show up anyway..Dh will go shopping and make a list of what he might need and buy it just before he starts building the extended deck..he decided on a 12x12..I can handle that..our main is is 14x14..thanks for visiting and lots of hugs, Lorraine

Carol said...

Hi Loraine- I tried to find your email addy but can't find it anywhere- This is the Carol from Traci's class. I think I need the hot tub too! I teach online classes too but I have a forum and pdf instructions. No videos though- I love the videos with these new teachers and classes but I am getting so frustrated! None of them even answer the questions! Geez!
anyway- email me-

Carol Murphy

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