Friday, July 10, 2009

Satin stitching on orange flowers done

I have finished satin stitching on the orange flowers and did some leaves but had to take them all out as I ran out of the thread I was now to find a thread that will match..gave me something to do in the bed while the heating pad did its dh just have pick out the threads in the sheets tonight..I did not get them
I have some puckers..I usually put interfacing in the back when doing a lot of satin stitching and I forgot too...I realized it after I had many of the orange flowers done..and got to the outside of them..I have a few puckers so hopefully the tiny meandering of machine quilting will take that away as I plan do only the outside to make the flower "pop" out..I just hope there is going to more fabric on the outside after I am done squaring it up..if not any recommendations from anyone..I had so much fun and been doing it slowing and resting my back it is working just fine, so I am a happy camper
I had worn a girdle last week to help with the pain and sissies told me that was not good so I thought I put on some very tight pants today, well I lost so much weight in the last year and half, none of my stretch pants where tight enough so I took in about an inch and half each of my dark blue one and walla, a long tight pair of pants that is helping a lot..would not dare go out with them, to many bugles will show, lol well, off to the bed for another 20 with the heating pad so I can finish this little quilt.
OK, Mary, Patti, Kathy, Rick, Steven and Don what are doing for the autism, curious minds wants to know and send me a photo so I can put it on my blog and show them off...I got most of my family to do something for the autism..Mary's grandson is autism..Hi Philip, Aunt Lorraine loves you...
I wanted to go out and get some sun but will wait till tomorrow when dh is home..just in case I get clumsy and hurt myself more..been that way a lot You all have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Lorraine and thank you again for visiting my blog..I really appreciate it, wish you all had a google account so you can be followers to my blog...bye..

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