Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Purple mock up Poinsettia WOW

I decided I had made a great decision so went forward and did it. I think this going to my favorite all time quilt for Christmas as I have a quilt for four rooms in my home..with these two it will make 6...lol but this is going to be where I sit the most, my dinning room..Isn't it pretty, sorry not conceded but love purple..lol can you not tell. These hand dyed fabrics were on the bottom of the pile or I would not had them, my purples and lime greens are always used up and have dye more..so it was meant to be and have enough to make at least 3 more, lol I might use one of them for the backing..
I need a break as my light box was heavy..not dh fault I told him to move it off the table..as I was going to be using it today..He made mine and it is large and heavy..he does this kind of stuff for me all the time..like today he is going to pick up my newer Singer I got last year that after 3 months of using it went ca put...the guy said it was the timing..I told I hope he right cause all I did was use the turn by hand because I had some thick sewing to do and after that it did not work..and than I couldn't sew for awhile so that is why I am having fixed now.
What I really want is my old iron horse, commercial singer, that thing is what I used from 2003-2007 with every thing and anything..over 100 classes and about 32 groups..used every type of fabric, metals, plastic and etc on that thing..but had it fixed last year and it still did not sound right..so we are not sure if we want to pay for another fixings...I know if I would just get on Janome, sorry sis, you are not going to get it!! I will get to it..but first I need get all this done, charity stuff...lol not today either...What do you all think, purple works for poinsettia even if they don't come in purple..too bad too...lots of hugs, Lorraine who is going to a very needed break and lay down for a bit..have a good one this afternoon.


Marjie said...

Out of this world! Good color decisions and yes, gold is perfect and will make it a knock out!

LorraineS said...

Whew, coming from you it makes me realized how much I have learned from you..thanks for all the knowledge that I have stored in my mind.....I can not wait to get it done..thank you for the kind words xxoo, Lorraine

Sandra said...

The purples and green work well together. Much more fun than traditional red/green for Christmas.

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