Friday, July 31, 2009

Books received and fabrics I bought last week

I finally received my books I ordered from Interweave. These were the discounted books..I have a list of about 22 books that I wanted to get..I found these 5 and a whole lot more..but the price tag was too high, so I cut it down to these 5 and very happy with them...They don't have all the books I want even for paying regular price for them..but a lot. There were a lot of knitting in this discounted area but if you look careful and take your time, you will a book you cannot resist in buying half off on most of them... Click on the photo to read what they are and by who. I have read one already today and in awe over really bad and want to make a lot of those bags, with my style to them off course...Bags with paper and stitch by Isobel Hall..
I am taking a class with Dale Rollerson now and we are stitching with papers..and so far I just love it..
I wanted to show my sisters the newest fabrics I have bought, at Hobby Lobby, aren't just so bright and them..not sure what I will make out of them but one day it will "pop" and the quilt will be in the makings..
We had a shortage outages again, just when I was really going to town sewing away on my purple poinsettia by after that I just did not feel like it so no sewing the rest of the day, just piddle around and read a bit..Tried to scan these earlier but it did not work so had to wait till dh came home..
My son came by and he worked 7 and half hours in my back yard, it is really bad, trees growing, grass so tall and such..but he did great, he is out of a job so we are paying him for it..Dh and son went to Lowell's and the guy is quoting my dh the price of the deck costing 2500 hundred and we know we can make one a lot cheaper..told dh he is a sales person..he will use all the high end products and we do not need seeing all this work done, I thought for sure I would have a 12x12 deck done on Sunday, my dh looked at me like I was stupid..I guess I was..I thought with 4 guys helping it all would be done..but there is 8 holes that has to dug, cement to put in about 6 inches, let it dry and come back put in the 4x6x post put in and cemented around it and it has to dry..before they can even build the frame..I said so that means I won't my spa for weeks..I was hoping for this week sometime or even next weekend..oh well..
Hopefully tomorrow I will have my purple poinsettia on my blog..I am going to baste my quilts a bit different than I have ever done....spray baste them..I can not see my back taking all the pinning with these 4 quilts that I want to get down in about 2 weeks..the girls at QU has helped advised me a lot..I may like it I may not but only one way to find out. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice weekend. lots of hugs, Lorraine

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