Saturday, August 1, 2009

My brooch from Jean Toms from Embellisher group

I received my brooch today from Jean Toms from my UK Embellisher group. My favorite colors too, purple and lime green. Jean had it wrapped with some pretty tissue paper, good for my new class, rattytattypapers, and fibers and nice little red bead she made..thank you so much..I love it..It is pinned or was pinned to a card..reason for the blurred vision on the bottom, scanner did that..
Dh computer went out and now he is one his way to Best buy for them to fix at no cost, it is under a year old..thank goodness, some sort of video card like my new computer last now who is going to have this computer, we will have a few arguments on it..I'm sure..
No digging for post today, it rained all day. Have to dig 12 holes, 6 inched deep, let it dry, than add 4x6 post add more cement around it, this is so it does not sink in the ground..let it dry again..and guess what more rain is expected on Tuesday so hopefully they can get something done tomorrow..oh how I want that hot spa! Patience Patience! It is going to hard work for dh and sons..hoping they can get their hand on a electronic hole digger..tomorrow..hugs to all, Lorraine

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