Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bargello Twist finished and hanging on wall

Here I have added amethyst with a hint of blue on the black area with hearts..(my dh is always buying me hearts and I have made a lot of quilts with hearts on it..maybe because we got married on Feb 4 has got something to do with it, lol..) and than I beaded around the edging of the binding every half an inch..
Finish the sleeve about an hour ago, and now it is hanging in my living room, I am so pleased with this quilt even if it has a 1001 mistakes as it was a very hard quilt for ME to do..after this class I haven't been afraid to do patchwork and match the edges together, a teacher has a lot to do with that..especially if she takes time out just for you and Ruth does that with all of her students...sorry but not all classes I have taken has been like this...
I will be machine quilting my autumn Bargello to hang in the dinning till winter comes along, summer never made it lol I still have spring on there..wishful thinking maybe for the weather to cool down some?!!
Now I can machine quilt the 5 that all waiting in line calling my name..and I am and have promised myself not to start anything new till these are done..but than I will bring out the ones I haven't finished last year..but I can still sketch and put ideas in my I also journal the 3 quilts I just finished, yes I journal all that I make so I know what and how I did them..can always go back and check it out..print smaller photos to go with it.. Have a nice week every one..lots of hugs, Lorraine


Doreen K. said...

Wow, that is awesome. I am still sewing on my autumn. I am not liking sewing those 3/4" pieces in between the bargello strips. Have not started the winter one yet. I really enjoyed the class.

LorraineS said...

Oh Doreen, I did not either but take a deep breath and slowly do them and walla it will be done.l can not wait to get to the autumn, as that has the fractures and an easy peasy machine quilting one and next thing you know it will be hanging on my dinning room wall..hopefully this week..but first to get these two quilts I found that just needs binding and than I can get them done in the evening and two more of them goes back to 2004 and the other one last year. shame on thank you and I can't wait to see yours..hugs, Lorraine

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