Friday, August 21, 2009

Fawn my brother, Donald Lausterer found

this is what my sister in law Kathy Lausterer wrote me this morning along with these 3 photos.
These are pictures of a little fawn Don rescued a couple days ago. We call her Freeway. He found her all beat up and nearly starved when he was getting spring water. He caught her and took her to a local vet in town. Though not really sure what happened to her mother who was no where in sight when Don spotted the fawn. The vet called the local D and R and the fawn will be taken to rehab which is another name for a deer farm and it will be taken care of. The last report from the vet said the deer was still weak but doing fine and responding to food. It's not very often ya get a chance to get this up-close and personal with wildlife for most of us so this was a real treat. Thought you all would enjoy it.
Kathy, thank you and I did enjoy it as many others will when they read about it..Don I know you and it must have felt so great to be apart of this little fawn closeness and saving its life, love you both, sis, Lorraine

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