Thursday, August 20, 2009

African and Southwestern quilt started

I knew there was something missing or not right with the first photo...but than I was just pinning and checking out how or what I am going to do..well, I do not like working in even numbers, so I put in another symbol in the middle and took out all that black..all I saw was black when I would at the designing wall from the kitchen...I am happy with this..not sure yet but there will more to do for this it is mine after I am not sure if I am going to put a border or just bind it with black..I really do not think it needs a border.
Now I had so much fun with these guys..I found the baggie that had the fabrics and my drawing of the Kokopelli guys..but I had to do it different..they look like pencil sticks so did them a bit thicker and one less but it is mine..I have been wanting to do both of these last year after finishing machine quilting all those quilts last year, but I hurt myself and was laid up till about a month and half I can't stop...My next guess, I am going to make a screen, with 3 sections and not sure what the topic is going to be...not very large but large enough to display on an end table or such..oritenal..landscapes, birds, who knows till I get there...I bought that back ground fabric about 3 years ago..I am so glad I bought about 3 yards of I other ideas for it..
In my art, you won't see much patchwork backgrounds, but fabrics that I buy or my hand dyed I do not do patchwork or anything like that..but the fabric when I buy has to say to me I can not live without
I have finally downloaded my 5 videos for a class I am taking, it is on canvas and using acrylics paints...I had so much trouble with downloading it because it was done in Real Player and I have Vista and it did not recognize at least it down loaded and had trouble with there site last night trying to up grade it for Vista so not sure if I was billed twice or if it even went through..should hear something today in dh email..
My test on Tuesday:
I was told I was going to put to sleep for my two test yesterday, well, I was not..I was half awake through both of them, the UPI I did not feel a thing..but people I went through hell with the colon..every 2 or so inches he put me pain..and it was just horrible and I asked him why I wasn't put to sleep for answer..any way..Found an ulcer and the Dr did not like the looks of it and looks like it might be shrinking due the purple pill he gave, he took two on the stomach lining next to the ulcer and the ulcer itself.. They did not do a complete colon..sp..he could not get through the small intestines..he then went and consulted with another Dr and came back with another bag full of the "purple pill". He did tell me he thinks the small intestines is not a blockage or cancerous..nicer word would have you don't have and not "think"...any way I will wait for a call about the bios and hope for the best...I am doing much better today as I was in a lot of pain with my back and knees not taking any pain killers..and not having my back brace is now apart of my apparel for every day...can't even tell I have it one...also make my stomach and abdomen look a lot smaller that what it is, almost like a have a great day and weekend coming up, thank your visiting my blog and hugs, Lorraine

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