Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Quilts binded and pinned. Quilts from QU classes

This is from a class I took with Karen Combs called Treasure Boxes..in 2004..I put the border and sandwich it late last year before hurting myself..It has a 1/4 inch dark red border...very pretty, this is my Chinese Children.. After Fr. Rick queen size quilt that I piece in squares, this is the second one I did and some of the corners do not meet but it is still pretty..Click on it so see a larger photo, the children are so cute!! I will bind this when my eyes aren't so tired like tonight as the other one the bottom. It measures 40 x 28 3/4 inches.
This is from the class called Ripless Paper Piecing with Daphne Grieg..as you tell my sewing got a lot better, I took this class last year..so not to bad getting it done this year..but I did finished a long 70 x 12 inch table runner for Christmas for my antique side board, in red and green prints..very pretty..This what we did in class. I loved the technique a lot..on planning to use in different ways one day. The top has a dark blue binding whereas the side has a light blue..I used fat quarters for the whole quilt top. It measures 28 1/4 x 28 1/4.
Now I am ready for machine quilting after I finished my last autism quilt hopefully tomorrow..
My Dr's assistant called me this morning to let me know that I do not have CANCER!! Thank you Lord for sure..just thought I let you all know..I still have to go in for another test to check out my colon..I thought he said he did not get into my small intestines..I know I did not hear him right or he might just said the wrong thing..this happens on Sept 11 at 7;45..than another visit with him so that the test all are in on the 23 of Sept at 3'45 so dh will be able to go to work till about 1:30, takes an hour to get there.....I have a family practice Dr's apt on the 14th so do not know what my dh work will say with that Friday off and Monday morning..he will lost the morning hours and get a note..but Friday he will take a vacation day..This should be it till Oct when I see my eye specialist..oh just too many Dr's too many..lol
My son Mike went to court today to see if he can stay at his home for another month and it was granted..thank goodness for that..another month to find a job and place to stay..wow..no one is hiring not even the security people..
I will have my spa either on Thursday or Friday..their truck does not come to this store till tomorrow so it will 24-48 hours after the fact..I can not wait...will I put photos of me in it..we will see..lol Have a wonderful day every one and I will do the same...God is Good..Prayers for all who needs them..love and hugs, Lorraine


Daphne Greig said...

Hi Lorraine,
Love your quilt from my Ripless Paper Piecing Class! Hope you'll check out my new class that will be offered in October: Too Easy Stained Glass. It's not on the schedule yet but will be available for registration some time in September.

Daphne Greig

LorraineS said...

Oh, Daphne, I need to thank you for having this class, I just loved it..and I did a lot better at piecing than ever before..I will check out your class..can't wait..thank you for commenting on my blog..Glad you liked the quilt. lots of hugs, Lorraine

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